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I just read Your Mail
Thank You



Hi 777,

Well done, Mr Mystic!

AtheistNBeliever is everything we've waited for. Thanks Spence.

No need to be scared of being blocked or booted off a forum comment section, we can fully speak our truth here without fear - well I probably will still be careful and a bit over cautious :(


Hi Jen
Nice to see U here

Perhaps mysterious. haha


When distracting the necessary copying, I m obliged to do, -
I write ( i thought ) the shortest essays , ever seen
very regularly one line

as opposed to 5 letter pages from many !!


@ 777 hope you are well. Well done I love that Mr Mystic


"" No need to be scared . . . . haha. ""

@82. one is not scared . . . just so the jokes
Love U

Because U love that, let's make it : "MrMistic"



@ 777- hello and hope you are well.

Can I ask you why you felt there was light around me?


That Light is LOVE with capitals
It may swing. but You have it



I don’t like trump nor do I hate him - however he will be remembered for bringing the USA to its knees. And that’s a shame.

As an army Sargent once said to me : “ be very careful as to who you put on a pedestal”.

Posted by: Arjuna | January 19, 2019 at 09:05 AM

"Your constant utilization of thought to give continuity to your separate self is 'you'. There is nothing there inside you other than that."

U G Krishnamurti

Posted by: mike williams | January 19, 2019 at 12:04 AM


Posted by: 777 | January 21, 2019 at 01:12 PM

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Spence Tepper

Hi 777
It's interesting how psychology can work. People say "underneath the exterior are demons within"....
"She has a deeply rooted character flaw..."
"There is a dark buried within him.."

Which, maybe, maybe, makes sense from a very superficial point of view.

Mr. Mystic, you and I know that underneath all of that is pure light. Those demons, which are reactions of our own conditioning, actually live like all other life and all ideas, on the nectar of our attention, and that fed by a sea of Light and pure boundless love.

They have called that sea Christ. As far as labels go I agree.

Without our attention, conscious or unconscious, these shadows cease to function.

Yes the conditioning is still there, but like a car without fuel they coast to a halt until we fuel them up again, by thinking about them.

And now, our car momentarily stalled, we sit thinking to ourselves "Now I'm stranded. Where is this place?" And stepping outside the car, we see in an instant we are somewhere incredible, filled with joy, every flower petal radient. And we ourselves radient in that sea of love.

Take away all the layers and rather than darkness, there is only blazing light and resounding divine music.

Unpealing the layers... Under the rough orange peel, the sweetest nectar.

Spence Tepper

What do these, who can only see pathology within, think of this journey?

"What, your car is stalled! Why that's terrible!"



@ 777 the light swings but the veil separating is too much



haha. Of course it's sturdy
If not, you could have stayed where u came from

But for a soldier > no problem

When dark, . . just think of Light
Best of course is : "SEE" HIM




Yes every spectrum must be entertained
Thank You for the comparison



I believe that your and Laura's atheism consist in thinking
"Nobody is caring about us" - like "we are on our own"

Must be harsh, . . . such thoughts


Posted by: 777 | October 18, 2018 at 05:35 AM

If U find this boring
Hear the last 5 minutes


This is about the Sounds at the right

Posted by: 777 | Feb 1, 2019 4:30:05 AM

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Yes. We are not loved.

Posted by: David Peck | February 02, 2019 at 08:11 AM

I don't think they realise how arrogant and self centred they seem to be. Look at me, they seem to be saying, aren't I wonderful, I don't need a God to look after me, I don't need to follow a saintly person. I'm so brave and amazing, this life is all there is and stuff those people who are having a sh*t life in a country full of warfare and disease. Why should I care? No need for me to be humble and caring. I'm so smart and its all about me and my wonderful lifestyle.
Posted by: Jen | February 02, 2019 at 01:30 PM

Atheists , going out of the closet -me_joking-, , like me are by far the most disliked religious minority

They should be more clear

When you ask if the really believe 1*0=1
they would say : 'no'

As I supposed earlier
I think they mean :
There is nobody giving a sh*t about me
They rarely admit this because that would reflect
a certain weakness ( as Jen said )

As this is a forum of ex-RSSB -ers
Many are in the comfortable One Bordeaux at dinner trap
Completely non-compatible
It has no sense even to meditate 3 minutes
because one can never stop thoughts other than in a misty mind

Once I heard from a guy who raced Formula One
He understood immediately
He said After 3 spoons quantity of beer
I make al turns half a centimeter worse


Posted by: 777 | February 03, 2019 at 04:03 AM

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Spence Tepper

Hi 777
You haven't posted much here.
What do you care how other people think?

I think I would like to hear a lot more in your fine poetry about your beliefs and what inspires you. It may be the same song, but human beings have a wonderful and clever ability to describe it in fresh terms every day, as Jen is doing on Zen of Jen.


Hi 777,

How are you bro? We miss you.

Hope everything is okay with you, sending you lots of love and good wishes...


Hereis some

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"So it makes sense for followers of a religion to entertain the possibility that what they believe could be untrue."

--They can't do that. It's all or nothing. You can't 1/2 believe. That's the same as no belief at all.

So when confronted they dig their heels in .. hard.

Posted by: tucson | February 05, 2019 at 09:47 AM

Brian, I'm going to go all devil's advocate and point out that religions do keep changing and evolving, all the time. Take the hundred and one denominations of Christianity, and especially the whacko versions that have cropped up in the US in the last couple centuries. That's change, that's evolution. Yet it remains crazy, for all that.

For that matter, take the evolving positions about so many things within the Catholic Church. That's change too. I don't think this change makes the Catholic faith any more reasonable.

Indeed, take the evolving theology of your RSSB, that has been so beautifully discussed here at your blog (thanks primarily to Osho Robbins and his intrepid questioning of GSD). That's change too! In fact, it's even one thing at one place and one thing at another (the version presented to the West vis-a-vis that followed back in India, as Osho Robbins has so often discussed) -- much like the laws of physics are of one kind at one scale (the macro end), and wholly different at another (the quantum end)!

What sets science apart is its reliance of reproducibility and falsifiability. Change per se, evolution per se, isn't necessarily really something to go for.

I agree, if only religions set themselves to clearly exploring mysticism, and if only they did it rigorously and entirely honestly (to the extent of clearly facing the possibility of their own irrelevance, if so warranted), then religions would have a great deal to actually teach us (if only in the negative -- and who knows, perhaps they may come up with concrete things as well).

Posted by: Appreciative Reader | February 06, 2019 at 06:29 AM

Hi AR and fair comment.
For those interested I’ve just read one of the latest RSSB books (first for many a year) and it backs up what you were saying re how religions do or appear to evolve.
The book is called ‘From self to Shabd’ and is full of reference to a lot of the stuff Osho Robbins often points out. The text is full of terms such as ‘oneness, non-duality, awareness, formless, separate identity etc. There is even a chapter entitled ‘The illusion of a separate self’. Of course the book is big on connecting all this formless awareness and consciousness with shabd. However, on the face of it I’d say it’s an attempt to both get with the times and possibly repackage the teachings.
Best wishes

Posted by: Tim Rimmer | February 06, 2019 at 05:33 PM

Some attain what is the target of that specific religion

Like Dervishes and Pentecote 'churches' activate certain of the seven chakras
and experience such great kind of bliss,
they never forget
For them it's certain

There are also who do this rather successfully with the lowest chakras
The results make one cry

Nect there are whose aim is the 7th chakra, the Crown
with the entrance of the 6th
the Third Eye
anddirections of thos who are already There

They are far above the black energies and much purer vibrations
the Cream de la Cream of the total Creation
They are the Love that the Almighty so badly wants

It's fantastic and there is no hurry
I said it before :
If each galaxy produces One Lover (a Saint ) , . . this is a
fenomenal Beautiful Holy Accomplishment
worth a Zillion^Zillion Magnificats
This is called Anahbd Shabd
prepared. for the Willing

Perhaps the new book explains about the unwilling
That there is no magic
pulverising of the millstone around the neck of the corruptors of 'children' and alikes

Tiny note:
This earth makes mind-changements relative easy
Without the molecules it's endless more difficult
because the astral stuf will adapt itself to your mentality
So, . . you will only see that you were right
( the whole main reason that we take birth )


Posted by: 777 | February 09, 2019 at 01:09 AM

Spence Tepper

Beautiful response, 777

From the bottom of the mountain looking up at those standing at various places above us, they all appear much the same.

But as we move up the path, we see how far apart they are.

The great are truly great. Far greater than we could have ever known.

The mediocre are still to be admired for what they have achieved.

Even Kal, at His level, is a light, and dearly wishes us to move forward, through the beatings and scourges. But He does His job happily in the will of His own Master at the very top.

I feel so greatly for those trying to extract from the books alone the limited context of no internal experience.

But of course everyone has internal experience, just not connected to it consciously.

It's too incredible to realize.

Yes we are incredible beings far more special, each of us than we know. But it isn't until we become as nothing, like pure tasteless water, that everything becomes the great Reverberating Sound of His Word, and all, divine nectar.

And then when we look upon the Master, He is refulgent, in the flesh. And within we see He had been gazing upon us all along, as a good mother who is fascinated with her child.


I would like -when you can- and had no difficulty with my english,
better "wording" what I tried to tell in ""tiny""

the enormous value of the molecules
un-doing the hyperspeed from the astral mind more do-able
Same for the loss of power

I mean
In astral 1/7 sphere : imaging you feel offended :
next you create (if yr level is Not to low), a thunderstorm and lightning kills the offender
next you do it again - such is rousal . . .

On earth you learned some patience and y'r so blessed to be able to retard all that

Difficult to explain



In search of that new book I saw the phrase of the day

which is exactly what I ment
Quote of the Day
"You do not have to struggle to reach God, but you do have to struggle to tear away the self-created veil that hides him from you."
— Paramahansa Yogananda —

That's it


Spence Tepper

Hi 777!
Within every molecule is the whole.
So, putting everything aside, we approach that.
To find we were always looking at ourselves in a mirror.
But we were actually on the other side looking at ourself.
When we are looking at ourselves we are on the wrong side of the mirror, gazing at reflections.

And when we are looking at others, we are on another side, equally wrong, gazing at reflections.

But when we withdraw into the that center that is small it cannot be divided, and yet though the mind will try to divide and divide infinitely, creating separation, creating layers, we point our consciousness to the center always...until we are that.

By pointing our conscious attention there, automatically we move in that direction. And withdrawal happens automatically.

By withdrawing, the mirrors evaporate.
I'm you, and you are me.

As for Kal, He is with His Master. And when we are there, He is our good friend.

But out here, he must raise the lash and the sword.
It's his job.

We made the mistake of living below the eye center and misunderstanding.

So, we just go back there. Mindfulness, centeredness...all point to the same thing.

That is the place where, when you look, you go and are there automatically.

That is the place where gazing upon diamonds, you become the finest diamond instantly.

So there is actually never any struggle at all.

No tearing needed.

Tearing is too strong a word. It's a mind thing.

Even saying it takes you further from Master, not closer.

Just some refocus of attention...Some worship of the good.

The whole answer is in Master's eyes. And in them is a beautiful nothing. The only true empty space there is. The hub around which the wheel and all the wheels connected to it, move.

Tearing, conflicted? That isn't spirituality at all. No part of it.

That's the broken refractions of glass, mind's misunderstanding, precisely the thing we should withdraw our attention from entirely.

Because it isn't that we are terrible and the Master is perfect.

That's wrong.

He is us, we are Him.

If it helps, we can focus on Master instead. The one good thought...

But once there, we realize all of them were perfect.

The perfection is simply in being there, not here.

Beyond words, beyond even sound, beyond light.
Stillness..That drives all creation.


This is more for the other forum, . . where are the damned ones
but perhaps there are here who don't knew

Be free and happy to place a copy in amongst those , believing nothing

It is about change a little bit "Archie Bunker" self engraved mind sets :


It might made enlighten a little



Hi 777,

Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed this video with the Sadhguru...

• the natural way on how to live

• the elements within us

• water has memory

• embrace the air and the water

• water has a memory of the divine

• purity and consciousness

• treating everything with reverence and gratitude

• the elements within us will co-operate





"" Beyond words, beyond even sound, """


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