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@ s*

Just imagine….
You are the head of RSSB
And you figure out one thing.
(I’ll tell you in a separate comment what that ONE thing is)
From that one thing, all the following becomes OBVIOUS.
I mean so obvious, that it’s laughable.
1. That there CANNOT POSSIBLY be any regions, lords, kal, devil, Sat purush, soul, oversoul, god, etc etc etc.
2. There is NO SEPARATE SELF (Soul)
3. Any of the above that any person experiences is 100% definitely their IMAGINATION
4. There IS however, and VERY CLEARLY, the ILLUSION of a separate self. There appears to be a ME here inside somewhere (but it cannot be pinpointed)

The following conclusions can be made from the above:
If there is no separate self, then clearly, nobody can come to “collect” that non-soul, and there would be nowhere to take it.
There can be no “inner master” and no “inner journey”
There CAN and WILL be an IMAGINARY inner master and an IMAGINARY inner journey.

So – that’s the foundation laid.

So now: as the head of RSSB, you have inherited a lot of nonsense, and you know it.
What in heaven’s name will you do with it all?
You have TWO choices:
(1) You just come straight out and say it as it is.
(2) You slowly, but surely create doubt
If you do the former, people are going to think you have “lost it.”
The “it” here refers to your “marbles” (your sanity).
In the second case, they are going to be confused.

Which would you choose?
You want to be known as a madman? Or accused of confusing the sangat?
One more point. If you choose the former, you are also discrediting all your predecessors.
Just as a sidebar, this was the choice facing Faqir chand. He also had to discredit all his predecessors by coming out with his ideas as he chose the former.

So, GSD has chosen the latter. I would probably make the same choice too.
Posted by: Osho Robbins | January 06, 2019 at 01:35 AM


Gurinder has only his own Darshan ( towards Charan )
and multiple serendipities. each day


This is the Great ( anti IQ, 666; ) way of The Almighty
for His real Lovers




Not Digital at all, . . NOT at ALL


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