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Sound of One
It's true
For all Beings



As this paragraph is called Sound
I like to suggest an item
that is practical
in all religions

Often I wrote that a state of "non thinking"
must be achieved
I should have mentioned a difficulty
to have it even during one minute, " seconds, . . one second

The mind , and specially the 'ahanker'-part of it
that is the part that is proud that it exists; the primal sin is that,
sees our attempt to less exist coming from miles away

It will organize a real panic in your body

It will suggest the physical dangers, using lies.

An example everybody knows and that is
when you want go asleep normally and it happens often,
suddenly one or more muscles contract
It is even painful, - you might strike your neighbor in the bed
The mind -when seeing a certain short episode
of diminishing thinking - just before sleep
is trying to prevent this at all cost
and so uses this cramp or shot
to keep us awake

Now how to "not think' which is a real battle

There might be more but I know only of one way

Try to generate sincere deep Love -
I said : this can work in many religions
so try to love Jesus, Buddha, Moses, any image
people have of God
Try to consider the good you have and start to honestly thank

When that works The Sound will come
and will be so sweet that you forget to think

Therefore in the beginning , it s hard to ask a question
to/@ this phenomenon
Like a puber exalted by the view of his/her first Love
cannot eat, cannot sleep, . .
you stare with 'open mouth' to what is overwhelming you inside you

THEN if you hadn't it already, . . that sound will in a lesser form be with you all day
You are inspired to do a second try and even more motivated
than the first try . . . etc. etc

Therefore the Saints, the Masters say almost nothing else then : "Meditate, . . meditate"
Try to love some one, something

After all , everything is God, dive in that stream
don't worry, be happy





Start at 09:00

Radha Soami



Hi 777,

Thanks for the video link. Just finished watching and now watching more YouTubes about our visitors from outer space (keeping a watchful eye on us) :)


We should be able to place one > 5 LIKES. here

I like you liked



The moon might be placed to prevent
earthlings to hear the sound



About the craziness of bloggers
describing events without knowledge

Here He compared NOT
a country with One Billion believers using a few nuts with a country of 6 million using massively missiles and deimona bombs paid with brian's tax dollars

Why the f*** coconuts, of all things? Sure, a coconut hit to the head can do real damage, so sure, the people doing this should be locked away for attempted assault/battery/murder/whatever-might-be-appropriate : but still, this description presents a hilarious picture!

Posted by: Appreciative Reader | January 20, 2019 at 07:32 AM

""". And while the Biblical god can be nasty, at least that divinity doesn't discriminate against women of menstruating age. """

You forget or were unaware the 365 biblic commands even stranger
(in)directly butchering many more than in Kerala

Please reread your books or do you buy only books
agreeing with what U already believe?

Posted by: 777 | January 21, 2019 at 04:16 AM

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I copy on the most empty chapters

inuously overlays reality with a 'reality' constructed from our beliefs, desires and conditioned predilections.

Posted by: Turan | March 08, 2019 at 05:36 AM


In this post you are subtly trying to depict that you and Professor David Lane have same line of thinking, maybe you want to use his comment in an attempt to prove your point. See I told you, even David Lane says the same, sort of. Isn’t it Brian? If you are attempting to depict that your line of thinking is similar to that of David Lane, I would suggest don’t try, because two of you are vastly different personalities.

David Lane has often posted that he is still very much on the path, you on the other hand say that you have left the path. Professor Lane has been a vegetarian and doesn’t smoke/drink, while you Brian love your daily dose of marijuana and wine. David still loves his guru Charan Singh, while you have disowned even your guru. Lane still likes Surat Shabd Yoga meditation and meditates more than ever as he mentioned in his comment, but you have moved to Buddhist meditation, though I am not sure how it helps when you are high. Professor Lane does his analysis based on facts but you rely on speculation and gossip. David Lane’s behavior reflects grace and in stark contrast you reflect bitterness for being removed as a RSSB speaker.

So I don’t think you two are similar Brian!

SC Jockey

Posted by: SC Jockey | March 18, 2019 at 03:35 AM

So, that’s really interesting... if there’s no Kal then what’s with all this karma and judgement? Can we throw that out the window with Kal? If so, then I’d consider coming back. 😄 (No Yama, Lord of Death either? Wait, is that the same guy?)

Posted by: Sonya | March 05, 2019 at 11:27 PM

Kal is a part of YOU Sonya
You will judge You
A higher purer part of your Self will do that
Sharp as a knife ! - No escape!
Saint gave it the name 'region'

Next, . . It , ( You) will quantum-fine tune these 'spheres' of your destiny

So, without you they don't exist, . . but you make it all

This is a copy/carbon process
One level higher it's done again for those who attain that

Say 7 times up to the 7th Heaven

Have a nice trip
this happens to every Jeeva (soul+ego) at death
with help of a higher Soul this is slightly different and made sweet

be clever, follow your EQ. more than your IQ

Same for Osho


Posted by: 777 | March 18, 2019 at 10:32 AM

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Next birth of this blogger goes flawlessly


Blogger didn't have to do this

Amazing . . . the hate level



Next birth of this blogger goes flawlessly


Blogger didn't have to do this

Amazing . . . the hate level



You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.

Wow, I really needed to read this! I was just sitting in my room feeling anxious about a lot of pending deadlines coming up at work.

Surat Shabd yoga was very confusing to me. I remember from day one after getting initiated always resisting “the pull” to go up. It never felt right. And I never cared whether I did my meditation the right way or wrong way I just cared about putting my time in. I enjoyed it because it made me feel very calm and it would clear my head. Occasionally I would see flashes of light and different things but just never wanted that. I don’t know why... might have had something to do with my rebellious 20’s and certain hallucinogenics. Most trips were good but the last was really, really bad so I had no desire whatsoever to see or hear anything supernatural in my meditation.

I love meditation, though. I really do. It always felt good and still does.

I did Simran during meditation as a Satsangi but not during the day. And I didn’t feel guilty about that because the words always felt very strange. They felt like rocks in my mouth. But that’s just me. A lot of people talk about how much they love doing their Simran and they do it as often as they can each day. My husband is really big on Simran. He sits in meditation everyday too but has a harder time with that exercise. And that’s OK.

Other mantras feel better to me but I think that’s because they’re in my mother tongue and have such warm associations.

Anyway, thanks for this! It’s a nice break from the headlines.
Posted by: Sonya | March 19, 2019 at 09:51 PM

Vipassana meditation is from the Theravada tradition so its quite old. Probably its much older than that still. Its premises are based on the fundamental dharmic teachings common to all dharmic paths. That is Seeing into the true nature of existence: impermanence, emptiness, unsatisfactorness. The three aspects of dukkha. Vipassana literally means "Seeing into" which in turn denotes a high degree of mental concentration. A one pointedness to achieve direct knowledge of sukkha-liberation from the these three aspects. Now how to achieve this concentration is a matter of methodology. Mantra\Simran or breathing. To concentrate on that inch of air before it enters your nostrils, or on hearing the repetition itself. Samatha in turn is calming the mind specifically through the breath.

Now. One may try calm the mind and then achieve insight. Or achieve insight and then the mind calms. Its a matter of practice. Iit seems you are talking about Samatha not Vipassana. Moreover, in moderd times Vipassana, as it has been re-introduced, is a practice which involves a 3, 10,20,40 days silent retreat in a buddhist settings. Its a vipassana retreat. So its actually going away from the world.
Your analysis of nada yoga vs vipassana is off the mark. Perhaps you meant to talk about nada yoga vs samatha. Traditionally Vipassana, both etymologically and in its emphasis on direct experience through concentration is the same as surat shabd. Whether this is achieved through breathing or listening is a matter of karmic pull. Samatha on the other hand is calming the mind by not giving any substance to any form or thought or practice. Also. Vipassana, samatha, zazen and all dharmic paths emphasise the outmost importance of a teacher.

Comparing surat shabd with vipassana, in order to distinguish which is best (quoting you "practice other forms of [trancendental] meditation [whose practitioners] are unable to reach" beyond beeing wrong, denotes a discriminatory mind.

Love & Devotion is @ the heart of surat shabd yoga. Surat's (the soul, the attention) is in love and in devotion to the Spirit that creates and permeates everything.
Posted by: E | March 20, 2019 at 02:33 AM

Other mantras feel better to me but I think that’s because they’re in my mother tongue and have such warm associations.

Om, Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai, Ram OM . . . .

Yes, combined with ascese it will bring one into the Brahm Region
INDEED these regions don't exist without You, ( You make them sais the quantum theory
You renew them many times p/sec faster then 5G )
Even here it don't work without some love

The package that Gurinder can give , it resonates with the 7th State of Existence environment
even with tiny love love for some

But you must have your backbone STRAIGHT Sonya

Comfort doesn't bring you far Sonya !

what rarely is done


Posted by: 777 | March 20, 2019 at 03:17 AM

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