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Another by Brian deleted paragraph
which was to hot in his kitchen

“””. Brian - that’s what you call courage! Well done to this young person! I really feel for the youngsters who are guided and then subjected to other people dreams and opinions- so fair play to this young person!
I myself am on the fence but will topple in the way of truth- just one point from me: how could he have not known about what was going on??? He is supposed to be God!!!!
I don’t get people who would think that he wouldn’t have known- it’s time for closure for a lot of decent people on this -I think!!! 

Posted by: Arjuna | December 26, 2018 at 04:08 PM. “”””

I myself am on the fence but will topple in the way of truth- just one point from me: how could he have not known about what was going on???
He is supposed to be God!!!!


Just one other point and I'll keep it short since we're talkin' more
 mysticism than unchurchy-stuff.
if GIHF knows everything, which
issue should he tackle first: poverty? hunger? RSSB reputation? 
what would his triage calculus be?
The anti-theists would torch
a GIHF no matter what he did.
Fed the world?
What other crises has he solved?
Spotless rep?

Fine, why couldn't he prevent scandals in his own family :) 
Super human? Well, why couldn't he just make his own cancer
go into remission? Compassionate? Why doesn't he take the world's
sufferin' instead of harping on meditation?

No, mystics live within karmic law.
They're here to give spiritual
support to humanity.
They get diseases themselves, endure
poverty, live within their karmic circumstances.
They don't
immunize themselves from scandals either.
If someone feels compelled to respond to my comments, please
honor Brian's request and object/comment/excoriate,
then do
so on the AtheistsNBelievers blog. Thanks.

Posted by: Dungeness | December 27, 2018 at 12:39 AM

Little ( or Giant ) correction here on Gurinders "All Knowing"

I said it many times; he is not.

Neither was any of the God-men fro Zaratrustra and Melchizedek on.

Just like You and me they are guided by the news AND intuition

Their intuition PLUS SERENDIPITIES concerning the Shabd and how to transfer the Power in the 5 Words package to the needy

Myself, I agree even with faqir Chand that this should be better exposed

Gurinder is just appointed to do this Point

The remark about the sex relations : of course there is quite some karma involved

if that is good or bad is not @us to judge

In that sphere there is gigantic hypocrisy 
Mirdad sais : To judge , you have to know how the wind blew, . . . at creation's time

Edgar Cayce, a Minister, . . Ameriicas most famous psychic declared to have been a prostitute 
in his former life during the civil war
 and had helped so many soldiers not to go crazy & suicidal

There is so much more to say around the "Guru Quest" but on Brians request I do that
 on the recently opened other blog
 ( at least make a green button here Brian to switch easily between the two blogs )

The plane needs no arguments, . . I hear only Satsangis sayng
"Oh If only Charan could have had that"

The main Point however and Gurinder is the most amazed of all 
is his function as a BEAM OF SOUND AND LIGHT for the willing
. . around, . . . or the sensibles at great distances.

Of course : those who prefer shadow had/have never seen that . 

Also , young man, nobody should insist you must look to the light only

There is so much excitement on the planet

Charan and other Mystics only say : If you want avoid pain & stress : please attach yourself to something you can 
definitely describe as nice and ETERNAL

I'm far from Beas but recently I heard from a kind of secretary there that Gurinder
ALWAYS want a quick resuméé on something coming up

like : Write everything on one page letterpage > not more

I like that approach too but it is not an excellent idéé with people who 
are a kind of ashamed about a havock they created



All the SatGurus Power comes from His Master, . . . EVERYTHING


Posted by: 777 | December 27, 2018 at 01:22 AM


In my fight against mafia methods, moral degradation
I placed the following
on Brian Hines blog the-church-of-the-churchless
He will of course delete it
What use is a blog where you modify & suppress the reactions/comments

-----------------About fraud, dishonesty and corruption & FAKING

The following is a 'thanks' from Arjuna @777
There are others referring also > look higher here


777 and Dungeness- hello and thank you both for you comments - people like me just want hope that is all. A glimmer of light at the end. I hope Gurinder reads this - as what people want is hope. Nothing else is of any consequence.
If you knew my story not that I am special in anyway - you would understand.
Posted by: Arjuna | December 27, 2018 at 01:59 AM

Nobody will understand with these KGB methods


Posted by: 777 | December 30, 2018 at 12:47 AM


"What do you find inspiration in? What is your "God"?"

Hi guys, I often wonder if I am an atheist, or simply have existential views. I try to practice mindfulness, living with awareness and in the moment, the Zen buddhist way...

“The aim of mindfulness is to know suffering fully. It entails paying calm, unflinching attention to whatever impacts the organism, be it the song of a lark or the scream of a child, the bubbling of a playful idea or a twinge in the lower back. You attend not just to the outward stimuli themselves, but equally to your inward reactions to them. You do not condemn what you see as your failings or applaud what you regard as success. You notice things come, you notice them go. Over time, the practice becomes less a self-conscious exercise in meditation done at fixed periods each day and more a sensibility that infuses one’s awareness at all times.” 
― Stephen Batchelor, Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

“The origin of the conflict, frustration, and anxiety we experience does not lie in the nature of the world itself but in our distorted conceptions of the world.” 
― Stephen Batchelor, Alone with Others: An Existential Approach to Buddhism

“Evasion of the unadorned immediacy of life is as deep-seated as it is relentless. Even with the ardent desire to be aware and alert in the present moment, the mind flings us into tawdry and tiresome elaborations of past and future. This craving to be otherwise, to be elsewhere, permeates the body, feeling, perceptions, will - consciousness itself. It is like the background radiation from the big bang of birth, the aftershock of having erupted into existence.” 
― Stephen Batchelor, Buddhism without Beliefs: A Contemporary Guide to Awakening

“To embrace suffering culminates in greater empathy, the capacity to feel what it is like for the other to suffer, which is the ground for unsentimental compassion and love.” 
― Stephen Batchelor, Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

Happy New Year to y'all,


Hi Jen!
Love this sort of ''Vipassana''.. <3

Very Happy New Year to all of you.


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