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Brian Hines

Um, it's Gurinder Singh, not Gurindar Singh. (Some people sort of fondly call him "Grinder" Singh.)

That nitpick aside, it takes quite a bit of financial malpractice for the Singh brothers to lose $2 billion in a strong world economy, From what's been written in the Indian financial press, it sure seems like they worked diligently at screwing up what they inherited from their father.

A big part of that screw-up was ill-considered loans made to Gurinder Singh and his family. Lesson: don't mix spirituality and money, especially when your cousin is a guru of a large sect in India, and that guru has a penchant for becoming rich at the same time his followers consider him to be God in Human Form.

The guru also has a bad habit of not paying back the loans made by companies controlled by the Singh brothers -- which led to the recent fist fight between Shivinder and Malvinder Singh,

Spence Tepper

Hi Brian
Yes billions of dollars, Gurinder's holding companies, even his wife in the middle of it as the principle in over a dozen shell companies, receiving hundreds of millions in unrepaid loans from the Guru's cousins, son and the head of the RSSB board. But that was at Fortis Healthcare before the board forced the brothers out.
And then there was that drug fraud by the brothers when they ran Ranbaxy, tainted medicine, and the biggest penalty for drug manufacturing fraud in the US FDA's history.

If only they had listened to their Guru!

Wait a minute, maybe they did!


Hi dear people!
I just find this new blog..
Seems good.
So thank you so that one can read and write in here.
See you !



I am still flabbergasted about these things,because I always thought they were ''perfect''in contrast with me and mine..
My son is the same age as the Singh brothers.
My son was busy with art and philosophy.
He did not get enough money at all,while maharaji always said that we must earn our own money.
He just was/is not good in money things.
Now I do not feel inferior about that fact.
So there is ''something good''in this..one can say..

Spence Tepper

Hi S*
My dad used to tell us kids, "do what you love, they money will follow."

I didn't become wealthy. But life has been rich.


Yes billions of dollars, Gurinder's holding companies, even his wife in the middle of it as the principle in over a dozen shell companies, receiving hundreds of millions in unrepaid loans...

And fistfights too.

It's a mess with strong suggestions of criminality alright.
But why haven't GSD's wife, nephews, advisers, all the usual
suspects even GSD himself, been rounded up for questioning?
What indictments are in the offing?

Was GSD perhaps delegating signatory powers to others while
on tour? Who trusted whom? Who actually cooked the books?
At whose direction? When did GSD and others know? Who's
following the money trail to ferret out the guilty, separate out
the hapless from the felonious?

Not that unanswered questions gives anyone a "get outta
jail free" card but I think a tangled tale like this calls for
facts rather than innuendo and a rush to judgment.

Especially bizarre is the notion that GIHF shoulda seen it
all coming, taken total responsibility for the actions and
destinies of others, perhaps performed some magic trick to
prevent it from happening at all. Make it look like the fairy
tale setting of our imagination.

I don't see it as enabling or willful ignorance of "sure guilt"
to await facts and statements from those accused.
Otherwise, it's a Kangaroo Court.


Test,I wrote something..but did not come trough.


By the way Spence..great you have a 'rich''life!!


Again a post in between these 2 shorts posts did not come trough

Spence Tepper

Thanks for the feedback *s.
Yes, Typepad seems very glitchy.
I may have to move this to Blogspot...we'll play with it a little longer.
I had problems with uploading photos, and now I've got problems getting into edit mode.....

Osho Robbins

I am sure I commented on here somewhere
did you delete my comments?

for what reason?

Osho Robbins

Hi Spence
I found the comments
its just that this platform only displays the last three blog topics and mine was on your first topic
so Apologies

Spence Tepper

Yes, I've got to modify the format also over the weekend. Lot's if learning and experimentation....
"your patience is appreciated..."

Osho Robbins

My advice would be to go with the same platform as Brian's blog

I believe there is a charge - but it's well worth it as it's very easy to navigate around and people are also used to the format.

as you have yours now the platform gets in the way - and it puts people off from commenting

Spence Tepper

Thank you Osho
I followed your suggestion.
Looks great!
So, If I'm in the market for a new Guru can I call you Sat Guru Blog Ji Maharaj? Wait that would be Brian's title... How about Sadh Guru Blog Ji Maharaj?

Brian Hines

Good advice, Osho. Gee, I thought Spence figured out this brilliant blogging theme idea on his own. Regardless, the format is indeed cleaner and easier to read.


If you've attained one the blog inner regions, can you
instruct struggling chelas how to enable html markup ?
( text fonts such as "italic", "bold",or include links)

I tried to italicize a comment with no luck. Sad/Sat Blog Masters?
Ferris? Anyone, anyone?


Hi Spence,

Here's Typepad's response to why I can't italicize. You as blog deity will
need to tweak an option:

** We will need to look at how they have their comments set up, but yes,
** there is an option to allow or not allow html tags. If you provide us
** the link to the post you want to comment on, we can take a closer
** look.
** If you have any questions or concerns, let us know by replying to this
** email.

** Anna D.
** Typepad

Spence Tepper

Hi Dungeness!
Thank you!
Will play with the switches this afternoon when I'm back in the laptop.

Spence Tepper

Hi Dungeness!
HTML in comments now switched on. Give it a try!


HTML in comments now switched on. Give it a try!

Thanks... Nirvana for sore eyes ;)


Well, with regards to the fisticuffs incident between the two brothers, I was actually in a Q&A session with GSD asking him a question just minutes before the fight broke out between Shivinder & Malvinder. I’m here because my husband was initiated by Charan Singh and still follows this path and wanted me to come with him. Admittedly I’ve only attended a handful of meetings/satsangs since I have a really difficult time with the current updated version of Sant Mat.

GSD must know I comment or have commented repeatedly in the past on Brian’s blog because he and I got into an argument. I asked him a few questions. One question was about depression/anxiety to which he said those are first world problems... he said not to feel sorry for yourself and you won’t be depressed. 😂 I’m laughing at the ridiculousness of his answer. So then I was really annoyed and asked whether or not he thought his bullying guru style was more effective at getting people to meditate than Charan Singh’s somewhat gentler style. To which he very irritably said, I don’t know, you tell me. Then he made a comment about how Charan Singh was so gentle with some of the problem makers in the Sangat and he thought it was a mistake so when he came in he was tough on those guys and they all shaped up. So, then I immediately him if he thought he was doing a better job than Maharaji to which he said, We’ll...

Knowing that Shivinder and Malvinder were at that same moment fighting over whether or not the Prius Board should demand repayment from the Dhillon family for over a quarter of a billion dollars makes me think, yeah, karma is a bitch.


Hi Sarah,
It seems I see this behavier also in the sangat in my country.
There is a lot of ego and high horse unfriendliness what I discovered.
It seems harder to me then in earlier times.
I just go there sometimes,it is very much changed.
In my vieuw.


Obviously the Singh family is not paying back their share out of themselves.
Just because...


I mean ofcourse the Dhillon Family.

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