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Hi Spence,

Is this where we are allowed to talk about ourselves... woohoo.. What works for me: my practice is about being in the moment. Because I live a very quiet life on my own now and don't like meditating (fall asleep) my practice is constantly bring myself back into the moment and being very present and calm (I used to be quite highly strung so this helps a lot).

I like to remind myself constantly so I repeat positive words like 'I am grateful', 'I love and approve of myself', 'I trust the process of life', 'I create peace and harmony within myself. All is well' etc. etc.

Mostly learned these words from Louise L. Hay - her book which I bought many years ago - "You Can Heal Your Life" - yep I've always been a New Age type (Brian would be horrified).

I hope we do have a spirit or soul and if there is such a thing as reincarnation I wouldn't mind coming back to this world but would actually prefer to be born on a different planet and have another interesting adventure.

I also experience serendipities like 777 and I think its because of my practice, no particular mantra, just little reminders during my day and voila synchronicity happens :)

Spence Tepper

Hi Jen
I love good self - talk. I don't think I could get through a day without it. And when I find I'm feeling down it is often because I forgot to do it. Because I think telling myself, "you're fine. You did OK", such is my biggest use affirmation, and it happens because people without even being aware of it constantly give off the opposite, negative, massage.

So it's just balancing the energies to be positive and affirming in this place.

Spence Tepper

And I really love affirming others. It's just so deeply, deeply gratifying to me to tell someone "Great job! Great idea! How can I help?" Those words bring me the greatest happiness.


I do see how patient you are Spence. Always kind and generous. Whatever faith you have, it works really well.

Cheers bro


And I really love affirming others. It's just so deeply, deeply gratifying to me to tell someone "Great job!

Hope this doesn't turn out to be an "Ah, shucks!" moment for
ya but just wanna say: Bravo, your affirmations and presence
is greatly appreciated. Thanks for AnB too.


Thanks very nice read from all of you..
I also do my best to stay positive..at once I feel great and after some time worries come up..
So it's balancing,I am a libra;)
Mindfullness helps and I go to Sufi's and love that.


Seth Shiv Dayal Singh(Soami Ji) was the second son i.e GYAN(JOGJEET) of SATPURUSH. Soami Ji was none other than Kabir. It was his last incarnation on earth. Right now JOGJEET has merged in Anami(Namess region.


Jaimal SIngh was Sukrit Kala(son) of SATPURUSH.

Charan SIngh was the most lovely son of the 16 sons. The reason he just kept laughing and was a innocent kid.


Gurinder Singh is either 13th or 14th son.

Spence Tepper

Hi Patrick!
You mentioned Seth Shiv Dayal Singh, (Soami Ji) and Kabir.
Can you share some of your favorite / inspiring quotes from these past venerable spiritual teachers?


an* innocent(Sorry for bad English I am an Ukrainian)


Shiv dayl and kabir were same

I don't remember can search and type. But I liked their descriptions of inner regions.

Old eyes of this man are proving bad though.


My grandson is asking for his laptop. Will meet after sometime. Kids have their own world Pobanosche biznechuya chees.


Hi Patrick, from France,

This is so nice to meet somebody from Ukraine
Let's pray that everything will pass fine in your country
I saw a travel report of a dutchman
who said that he had never met such friendly people
but also sad

I like to take the broad opportunity here now granted by Spencer
to explain a nice thing concerning the anahabad (unstruck - perpetual ) Shabd

I said already earlier , but perhaps it was deleted, that every 7 chakra entity
has this opportunity to hear IT at all times, . .
if he is vegetarian ( compassionate )

Animals when butchered ( like ourselves) produce a mass of
Normally ( alive ) this is neutralized by an antagonistic hormone
but dead , . . they cannot. :-)
So this adrenaline changes in urine acide

When we eat that that, it slows the rotation of all the 7 chakras and can
give rise to a bunch of sicknesses
Actually doctors agree on cancer

But the 2 highest chakras are affected also

Therefore it is impossible to hear the Sweet Holy Sound for a meat eater

This is a fire-wall from God against the cruel
They have no chance at all

What a delight I can drop my usual prudence while choosing words,-
like "Oh No, . . when I say 'sweet' ; . . Brian will certainly delete this whole comment"
so Shabd is not only sweet but collossal, elixerious, fantastic, gorgeous, and so much different things more
and I wanted say ( at 81 , I'm almost away) some more about it

When you, by the giant force of Masters 5 Words arrived at the numb state
and the Sound is evaluating ( strange expression)
and after many meditations , or a few good ones
you experienced TO BE the Shabd - like you received your JedaH capacity
the Shabd will never be away in your life
From the third Eye up to the High Crown in your head, it's perhaps a few centimeters
in meditations it can easily feel/be like a Mile, . . much more, . . a light year even

Now : in the beginning
apart from hearing the Sound softly quietly, . . thinking about an aspect of Sant Mat Beas
you feel a kind of itching between or somewhat higher your eyebrows
not unpleasant, don't be frightened - it's something very nice, y'r going to wish 4it
I said ; related to RSSB but in fact our whole life is related to that
and you can ( at least I did but I heard from other satsangis)
use this 'stuff' as a kind of COMPASS
I think different p.person this is and it has to do with our conscience.
That is the navigating between good and bad
which is FOIR EACH HUMAN BEING different, repeat DIFFERENT

Makes me think of Guru Granth :
"How the to be true,
How to rend the veil of Shame Untruth,

His Will forsooth ingrained in us, thou follow, . . thus is truth attained !

So even the tiny Shabd, accompagnant the devotee when he starts the Path
helps also to attain a certain niveau of honesty revealing the ingrained in ourselves
Directly related to karmas

Next your acts are better balanced and all helps your next meditation

SRRS offers a giant smooth system !
Some churched knew but offer remnants

Also you detect what LOVE is
It's of course the desire to do, . . . to be good to a fellow being . . .
But it generates a sophisticated feeling of gladness, kindness, and so much more
like really anew being in Love
and IT IS ALSO THIS SOUND , This Anahabad Shabad
which is the Holy Ghost in working


What I inserted somewhere about aliens yesterday,
They may have great etheric skills
some even approaching the astral sphere_space_time
very few of them have 7 chakras
Imagine, . . the desperation, without the way out you can't approach the Creator

If they hadn't detected our way to the Highest of the Highest
they would have destructed our species long ago
Now the try carbon copy - an impossible task , they found out
so, yes . . now they try to trigger "guided incarnation" which
is possible in a tiny degree


English not corrected

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